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Continue foam machine

continuous foam line

    The Continue foam machine (Or continuous foam line) to make flexible foam. Including the pipe system, control system, conveyor system and the bock cutter.  6 or more group of chemical are pumped and dosing into a mixer head, then comes down from the mixer to a trough through two flexible hose. keeping reaction in the trough at about 16~28 second then material comes to the fall plate. After arrive the fall plate, material become like cream. there is one bottom paper on the fall plate, this paper are moving along the bottom conveyor. then the material start grow together with the paper moving. the foam comes like 1 meter or more at the end of the tunnel. then foam is transport to the block cutter to cut into required length.

The following picture shows the scheme about the continue foam machine

foam machine sch

Video of continuous foam machine


Batch foam machine

This machine make foam in box, Another name of this machine is Auto box machine. 6 or more group of chemical was pumped into the mixer, after mixer, the material was pour into a box, the material grow up in this box. after about 5 minutes, you can open the box, and one block of foam finished.

Compared with the continuous line foam machine, this machine is suitable for the small product factory. has low cost and take smaller place than the continuous line, 2 or 3 people can run this machine.

batch foam machine