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CNC foam cutting machine

CNC foam cutting machine(wire type)

The CNC foam cutting machine controlled by computer, You can make your drawing in the computer then the computer will cut the foam according to your drawing. This machine has one type of wire, this wire is drived by 4 wheel, when the foam touch this wire, the foam can be cut.

Maxtech automation machinery  make the program are very easy to operate. a worker which has only 3 years at school can learn this machine within half days. Also if you are skilled in Auto Cad, you can make your drawing with Auto cad. Make your drawing into Auto Cad will be much flexible for drawing.

CNC foam cutting machine 

Blade CNC foam cutting machine (blade type)

The blade CNC foam cutting machine cut the foam by a small round blade, this type of CNC foam cutting machine has higher efficient and low powder, low noise


CNC hotwire foam cutting machine

The CNC hotwire foam cutting machine is also one type of CNC foam cutting machine, but this machine cut foam by hotwire.  Also you need only make your drawing in the computer then cut the foam by computer. because it is hotwire, so this machine can cut also the EVA or polyfoam

Hotwire cut machine 

Profile foam cutting machine

Cut the foam as a lot of egg on top of the foam.       

profile cut